San Mateo Animal Shelter


Project Highlights

Client: County of San Mateo
Location: San Mateo, California
31,500 Square Feet

Project Overview

The building is focused around two simple, yet elegant central gable forms. The form responds to the surrounding environment, does not overpower the adjacent park site and reflects the ideals of the Shelter. Aesthetically the design can be described as low profile, soothing, and welcoming at a pedestrian scale. The building is a hybrid construction with the main administrative spaces to be built from wood stud framing with gang-nail trusses while the animal housing areas are built of concrete masonry for sound isolation and extreme durability. This hybrid solution represents the most cost effect type of construction around. The simple use of the main building forms along with the selected materials provide for a simple civic architecture the responds primarily to the need of the users and visitors. The overall design provides a functional yet easy layout to navigate respective adjacencies and public and private areas.