Revitalizing Spaces: The Power of Adaptive Reuse in Commercial Building Projects

In the world of architecture and urban development, there is a growing recognition of the potential held within existing structures. Instead of starting from scratch, more and more initiatives are focusing on the adaptive reuse of commercial buildings. This approach not only breathes new life into old spaces but also...
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Achieving Client’s Business Plans Through Architectural Design

While a hospitality experience is always dependent on the consumer, the curation of hospitality experiences begins well before a pen ever touches paper.  For hospitality clients the development and measure of the hospitality experience is well thought out and is, by its nature, listening to as many voices as possible...
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Working with Owners to Achieve the Right Level of Sustainability

Over the past decade, sustainability has come to mean different things to different groups of people. While everyone agrees that protecting our environment for the long term is an important and serious goal, there are many different connotations of the word Sustainability. These can include “necessary”, “long-term”, “net-zero”, “carbon-neutral”, “health”,...
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LDA Partners Opens New Sacramento Office

LDA Partners, a design and architecture firm, has announced the opening of their new office in Sacramento, CA. This is LDA Partners’ second office location; the firm’s headquarters was established in Stockton, CA over 40 years ago. Located in midtown Sacramento, this additional office at 2016 P Street is positioned...
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Why Design Build is a Critical Path for Auto Dealers

When it comes to project delivery and a design-build contract, speed to market is a leading advantage. In the world of an auto dealer, who may be faced with a required branding upgrade, this is a critical path. Design-build provides a single point of contact which saves time, costs, and rework...
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Join the trend on creating unique customer experiences

People visit an auto dealership because they want to experience the automobiles in person. They have probably seen the colors and the specifications online or in an advertisement, and now they want to take things to the next level. The polar opposite of an online shopping experience, brick-and-mortar locations provide...
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A Fresh Start

Re-Entry Begins at Booking The Receiving and Release component of the Public Safety Center (PSC) allows officers to determine security classification and medical experts to evaluate detainees for medical and mental health issues. this evaluation allows the detainee to be treated in the most appropriate manner. 
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