ECC Bank - Brentwood


Project Highlights

Client: ECC Bank
Location: Brentwood, California
4,500 Square Feet

Project Overview

This new 3,454 SF, single story branch bank was designed to support traditional customer banking and loan services, convenient drive-through banking, and automated teller services. LDA embraced the Bank’s goal of creating a more relaxed and personal banking experience, sit-down teller, and merchant stations with comfortable seating as well as a stand-up teller station.
Addressing the Bank’s additional goal of exemplifying a progressive banking environment, LDA incorporated an upscale interior featuring wood plank flooring, elegant casework, and a warm color palette coupled with a media lounge, computer terminal access, and decorative glass walls.
Drive-through banking was designed beneath a detached covered canopy accommodating four vehicular lanes. The drive-up teller stations are supported by an overhead pneumatic tube system that runs through the overhead canopy to provide easy access for maintenance and repair to the system.