Pismo Public Safety Facility


Project Highlights

Client: City of Pismo Beach
Location: Pismo Beach, California
19,027 Square Foot Police Station Building
13,898 Square Foot Fire Department Building

Project Overview

The Pismo Beach Public Safety Facility project is a collaborative design-build effort in partnership with F&H. Our focus is on the renovation and expansion of the existing fire station to accommodate both fire and police services, creating a cohesive and efficient campus for enhanced public safety. The renovated fire station includes additional vehicle bays for improved capacity and incorporates design elements aimed at creating a more streamlined response to emergencies, ultimately shortening critical response times. A key element of this project involves the preservation and relocation of the historic school building’s façade, which becomes the centerpiece of the new police station, guiding the architectural design of the entire facility.
The exterior design maintains the character of the fire department with existing neon signage while harmonizing with the aesthetic of the police department. Reclaimed bricks from the demolition of the on-site school building are repurposed, along with stucco and metal roofing, ensuring a seamless blend with the historical façade. This project underscores our commitment to efficiency, historical preservation, and collaborative design, resulting in a modern and functional public safety facility that respects the site’s heritage.