Oasis in the Valley

Could a destination hospitality resort be created and flourish in a small rural community such as Lodi, California?  The answer is a resounding, yes. That was the inspiration of Del Smith and his partners Russ and Kathryn Munson when they embarked upon transforming the Towne Estate in Lodi into a rewarding destination for those visiting the Lodi wine region. 

The original Towne estate included approximately 2.5 acres on the north western edge of Lodi in the northern San Joaquin Valley.  Burton and Alice Towne created what many travelers in the 1930’s assumed was a public park, with large trees, expansive lawns and gardens.  The original home burned in the mid 1920’s and the Towne’s moved to the “cottage”.  A collection of rooms, apartments, and annexes then referred to as the Towne House. The grounds remained breathtaking. 

In the 1980’s Kris Cromwell, Del Smith’s mother, purchased the estate and converted the Towne House to a bed and breakfast inn, while enhancing the grounds as a wedding and event site.  

In late 1990’s Del Smith and the Munson’s purchased the estate from Ms. Cromwell and began their dedicated dream to create a truly renowned destination resort.  

With careful planning, our firm designed a master plan to retain the historic nature of the grounds and the Towne House, while incorporating new hotel suites, full spa and pool complexes, banquet facilities, administrative offices, and long term stay suites all incorporating an architectural theme reminiscent of the wine regions of Europe.  

As the project evolved, the Lodi Wine and Visitor Bureau, a promotional voice for the wine making region, approached the Owners about a possible site for their Visitor’s Center. Today the complex includes this public venue offering samplings of wines made by local vintners.  

The result is a truly incredible atmosphere of luxuriously landscape grounds and equally breathtaking architectural character. When a guest takes a stroll from their guest suite to a spa treatment, fine ding in the historic Towne House restaurant, or just enjoys a glass of wine on the balcony terrace, they can truly appreciate the Wine and Roses’ efforts to provide such a wonderful experience in an unexpected locale.